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Mimosa Gallery Exhibits

Posted in Visual Arts


Video Tour of Our New Broadway Gallery!

February 10, 2012

Shirt Factory Artisan Shops In Glens Falls

Posted in Visual Arts

The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls is home to over 30 artisans and boutique service providers. Think of the Shirt Factory to connect directly with talented artisans for gifts that are more thoughtful and with lasting value.

April 28, 2011

Bistro Tallulah Review Quote

Posted in Adirondack Minute - Restaurants

Review: I’ve dined twice at Bistro Tallulah while in Glens Falls for work assignments at the Adirondack Theatre Festival, and I’m thrilled to find such a satisfying eatery downtown, right around the corner from the theater. (I like Davidson Brothers’ beer, but the food evokes just a “meh” and the brewpub isn’t air-conditioned.) Tallulah, open since late last year, is a small, casual place with an authentic bistro feel, including paper table coverings torn from a large roll, carafe

February 24, 2011

The Hyde Collection

Posted in Visual Arts

Our Mission:  As stated by Mrs. Hyde in her 1952 Trust Agreement establishing The Hyde Collection, our mission remains "to maintain a Museum for the exhibition of the permanent collection and to promote and cultivate the improvement of the fine arts, for the education and benefit of the residents of Glens Falls and vicinity and the general public."



February 24, 2011

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